September Newsletter

With the changing of the seasons, comes the changing of our tour schedule. Our last regular season full-day tours end the first week of October but that does not mean our season has ended. Continue reading for a big announcement!

Last month we told you about the worrisome Initiative, written by 2 retired HSU professors, coming to Humboldt County ballots next March. The Humboldt Cannabis Reform Initiative (HCRI), now known as Measure A, WILL certainly destroy Humboldt County’s cannabis industry. Measure A will make it harder for farmers to make improvements to become more environmentally friendly. It cuts the board of supervisors and the public completely out of the decision-making process and could only be changed by another initiative. Farmers need to be focusing their time on how we can improve our current initiatives and instead, they are forced to defend their livelihoods.

Our friends of the “Grown Local” podcast have decided to put on a comedy show to help raise money and awareness to stop Measure A. On Sunday October 1st, Billy Wayne Davis and Mike McGowan of the Grown local podcast, David Bienenstock from Great Moments in Weed History, Mike Glazer from WeedNGrub podcast, Frank Castillo from Roast Battle and Peak’d Podcast, and Henry Zebroski and Ben Kissel from the Last Podcast on the Left will put on a comedy shindig at the Mateel Community Center in Redway. Proceeds will benefit The Mateel Community Center and the No Measure A campaign.


If you didn’t have a chance to visit over the summer, fall is an excellent time to visit. This change is thanks to Catch a Cloud farm, the newest recipient of the Humboldt county tourism permit. They have mixed light grows and uses light deprivation to extend their season. They have a beautiful farm with an amazing view. They are excited to welcome you for a visit.

“The Catch A Cloud Farm is situated at 2,700 ft. elevation in Kneeland, CA, and is approximately 13 miles from the ocean as the crow flies. This makes for a lovely coastal influence and a dynamic environment for cultivating cannabis. In our experience, the cooler climate allows for the plants to fully express themselves in ways that hotter climates do not.

We started homesteading on this property in 1984 with raw land. All the infrastructure that is here we painstakingly constructed ourselves over the last several decades. Whether it be from milling our own timber off the property for building with, maintaining orchards, ponds, food gardens and hiking & mountain biking to upgrading the facilities to exceed current regulatory standards, we are continuously striving to enhance the property in a way that is sustainable yet inspiring so the next generation can carry on the traditions that are so deeply rooted in Humboldt County history.

We are a 1 acre farm, with 38,560 SF of full sun flowering canopy. We also cultivate 5,000 sf. of light assisted greenhouses year round for continual production of fresh flowers. We do solventless extraction onsite which primarily consists of manufacturing high grade bubble hash & other infused products. We self distribute our own branded products to retailers and sell wholesale bulk products to other reputable cannabis operators in California.

This husband and wife team have always had a shared love for farming and the natural world. Aria grew up on a farm in Northern New York and started assisting her immediate and large extended family on their communal farm by helping grow produce & flowers commercially and offered for sale at local farmers markets. She also is a licensed contractor, accountant and entrepreneur.

Carter attended Humboldt State University and graduated in 1974 with 2 degrees in Wildlife Biology and Range Management. However it was his skills in fine woodworking that led him down a path where he was able to pursue his passion and turn it into a career doing elite finish carpentry worldwide while also building out the homestead in Humboldt. So it is with their combined experiences deeply rooted in farming, science, artistry and business, that their modern day cannabis farm was established.”

We are always adding events to our Calendar of Events. There is always good music coming through town, and we have some great venues and festivals. Be sure to check our calendar when you visit us or plan your next trip to Humboldt.
We hope to see you soon!

Highest Regards,

Matt Kurth


Half Day Farm Tour


Experience the Cannabis of Humboldt County

We offer regularly scheduled tours to working cannabis farms. You’ll touch the plants and speak directly with farmers, all in a 4-hour trip. Our tour also includes a visit to one of the finest dispensaries in the Emerald Triangle. Humboldt Cannabis Tours focuses on education and experience, consumption is always optional.

$125 USD per person