General Questions

No, California regulations do not allow those under 21 years old to enter dispensaries or be on the premises of a cannabis farm.

Humboldt is famous for outdoor, sun and soil-grown buds. Our outdoor farms are part of what sets us apart from other cannabis hotspots. This means that most farms operate during the growing season, April through October. Harvesting ends in November and the fields sit under cover crop through winter, until May when the soil begins to dry and the farmers begin to work the fields.

Yes, photos are encouraged. Please be courteous of other guests’ privacy.

No, our tours involve about as much walking as a trip to the grocery store. There will be some standing in the sun, but there is always a seat in the shade nearby. If you’re concerned about getting around, let us know and we will find a solution.

Tours are conducted rain or shine, with the exception of dangerous conditions. If we need to cancel due to weather, we will contact you as soon as we can and will work with you to reschedule or provide a refund.

The weather in Humboldt is unpredictable. Please dress appropriately to be outside in forecasted conditions.

Click here to review our cancellation policy.

No, unfortunately not. We are definitely dog lovers, however most of the facilities that we visit do not allow outside dogs. Humboldt county does have excellent Doggie Day Care options. Let us know if you would like recommendations.

The last two weeks of September and the first week of October is the harvesting season for full-term outdoor crops. With all the ripe buds, this is always a great time to visit Humboldt. Consequently, harvesting season books up early, and there is limited space. If you want to experience the beauty of a Humboldt harvest, book your dates now!

Planning a trip? Click the links to visit our How to Get Here page, Special Events page, and Humboldt Information Hub. We’re here to make your trip more enjoyable.

Farm tours are available from April through early October.

Yes, we offer many vegan and vegetarian options for lunch. We usually provide sandwiches on full-day tours, but we can order you a gluten-free wrap. Please let us know a few days before your tour and we’ll make sure to find a delicious alternative for you.

Yes, our tours are designed for everyone and we can accommodate anyone on any of our tours. Let us know if you need something special or if you have any concerns.

No, we do not cancel tours because of wildfire smoke. Unfortunately, large wildfires are now a part of our lives on the Pacific Slope during the summer. We do offer our guests N95 particulate filter masks and have installed upgraded HEPA filters in our vehicles. Please let us know if you are concerned about smoke or have underlying medical conditions that make you sensitive to smoke and we will do our best to accommodate you.

We own our tour van. She is a glossy black 2015 Nissan NV 3500 named Mona. With less than 100k miles, she can hold 11 passengers in three bench seats, and is equipped with a separate AC unit as well as curtain airbags in the back, for comfort and safety. Our van is a critical part of our business and we go above and beyond the state’s strict maintenance requirements to keep her in tip top shape. Some say it’s the cleanest van in Humboldt.


Cannabis Questions

Yes, our cannabis tours are 100% legal. We hold a business license with the City of Eureka and the County of Humboldt. We received the first special permit from the County of Humboldt to operate cannabis farm tours. We also hold a Transportation Charter Party license from the California Public Utilities Commission. The farms and cannabis businesses that we visit are licensed by Humboldt County and the state of California. You can rest assured that these tours are legal in California.

Cannabis consumption is an optional part of the tour. Most of our guests actually choose not to consume, and we stand by those who choose not to, whatever the reason.

Anyone who is curious about cannabis will enjoy our tours. Our experiences focus on education and interaction with the cannabis plant and the community that cultivates it.

Smoking is not allowed inside the van or any closed space. We advocate responsible cannabis consumption and promote informed consent. We are adamant that those who choose to use cannabis do so under their own terms. We also stand by those who choose not to consume, and our tour guides uphold a no peer pressure policy.

Yes, you can smoke and consume responsibly on the tour. Consumption may be limited to designated times and places due to safety or regulatory precautions.

No, California state law prohibits smoking cannabis inside any vehicle.

No, we have a drug-free policy that our drivers must abide by. California law states that our drivers be enrolled in a state approved random drug testing program, drug tested pre-employment, and in the event of an accident. Safety is our priority.

No. However, you will need a valid identification showing that you are at least 21 years old. Those with a California medical recommendation do not pay taxes at the dispensary and can purchase more products per day. Other than at the checkout, there is not much difference between medical and recreational in the state of California.

Click here to visit our Terms & Conditions page and learn more about ID requirements.

We recommend responsible consumption. That means finding the right dose administered at the right time. Specifically, we recommend “newbies” use caution with edibles. Edibles can be unpredictable, as it can take time to feel the full effect and the effect lasts much longer, creating an uncomfortable situation for some users. Most of the negative cannabis experiences involve edibles. Our tour guides can give you some guidance if you are unsure. This is a time to learn about cannabis and enjoy your day!

Yes, but please ask the guide or farmer first so they can give direction if needed.

No. You may purchase up to one ounce per person per day at the licensed dispensaries we visit. Our tours are not a way to buy bulk weed for the unregulated market.

No, cannabis is not included or provided. You will have an opportunity to purchase cannabis from a licensed dispensary. All California laws regarding adult use sales apply.

You are welcome to bring your own cannabis. Please keep it under the state mandate of one ounce per person.

Need More Information?

Need More Information?