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This Northern California Destination Offers Weed-Friendly Vacations

Humboldt County is leading the way for the cannabis tourism industry
“Humboldt County has long been a haven for people looking to get off the grid. Back in the ’60s, the county’s alluring redwoods inspired San Francisco’s hippie counterculture to quit the rat race and move to the woods in a movement called “Back to the Land.””

Old School Sensi-bilities

“In the ’70s, when it was still called marijuana, my buddy and I grew a crop near Briceland. Last week, we returned to the scene of our then crime. To minimize security concerns for our research, we booked safe passage to a couple grows via Humboldt Cannabis Tours.”

HSU Offering Cannabis Class Through OLLI Program

“The class is called Humboldt’s Legal Cannabis Industry and it’s a two day class. The purpose of the class is to learn more about cannabis business and how it currently affects California.But it’s also to give people a new perspective to cannabis.Matt Kurth is the CEO of Humboldt Cannabis Tours, but he’s also going to be teaching a class on cannabis.”

Emerald Triangle Farm Tours

“In this unheralded era of transparency for the cannabis industry, Matt Kurth is stepping forward as a powerful storyteller for the cannabis industry. An energetic California native and cannabis enthusiast, Kurth officially launched Humboldt Cannabis Tours”

‘We’ve got to evolve’: Humboldt County cannabis industry looks to tourism

“Preserving Humboldt County’s legacy as a world-renowned cannabis destination is the key to saving the collapsing local industry. While cannabis tourism and enhanced marketing strategies have the potential to boost Humboldt County’s reputation, struggling farmers need help now.”

Arcata Officials Discuss Transition into ‘Cannabiz’

“The Arcata Economic Development Committee met on Wednesday to discuss how the city will accommodate cannabis-related businesses through a presentation by the Humboldt Cannabis Chamber of Commerce…”

Commission Mulls Marijuana Farm Tours

“A letter from the owner of a business that seeks to provide ‘educational and fun cannabis-themed tours of the Emerald Triangle’ has motivated the county to explore how such operations should be licensed…”

Humboldt Cannabis Tours hope to bring Tourism to Humboldt County

Our local community radio news covers the very beginning of Humboldt Cannabis Tours. This was our first time on KMUD news and the start of Humboldt County’s cannabis tourism industry.

The Weed Country Road Trip

“California’s so-called Emerald Triangle – Trinity, Humboldt, and Mendocino counties – stands to become a luxury destination for weed lovers, the Napa Valley of pot. So this could be your last chance to experience the region’s raw beauty and weird hippie-outlaw vibe before it changes forever…”

Farm to Table in Northern California

This is an amazing show. Humboldt Cannabis Tours helped set up the cannabis farm tour and cooking demonstration. This is a beautiful example of what we can provide. Skip to about 19 minutes to see the farm visit.

Tourism comes to Humboldt County, the ‘wine country’ of cannabis

“Cannabis has grown in the spectacular natural surroundings of Humboldt County, in northern California, for decades, with farms propagating top-shelf stuff here despite prohibition. The Emerald Cup originated in the county, and home-grown buds often sweep the competition.”

Humboldt County Embraces its Rich Cannabis Culture as Tourist Attraction

“For cannabis lovers, Northern California’s Humboldt County is a holy land. For decades, copious amounts of top-shelf quality bud have been grown here despite prohibition. Humboldt County’s legendary, multigenerational family farms that specialize in outdoor, sun-grown cannabis have often swept competitions”

The New Napa

“In California’s Emerald Triangle, canna-sseurs toss around terms like bouquet, terroir, and appellation. Close your eyes, and you may think you’ve stumbled onto a high-end vineyard. But open your nose, and the funky musk of fresh cannabis flower gives away a startling truth: This ain’t Napa.”

The Growth of Marijuana Tourism

“Inspired by his love of tourism and cannabis (the latter “has always been a big part of my life,” Kurth mentions), the Californian launched Humboldt Cannabis Tours in 2015. The company has introduced 420 enthusiasts as well as novices to cannabis producers in one of the United States’ biggest weed-growing regions”

Crawfish, Cranberries, and Cannabis: U.S. Farm Tours You Should Take

“Unlike some marijuana-centric tours, which are more about getting high than higher education, the immersive half-day excursions led by Matt Kurth, CEO of four-year-old Humboldt Cannabis Tours, focus on the history and science of legal cultivation throughout Northern California’s “Emerald Triangle,” the largest cannabis-producing region in the nation, consisting of Mendocino, Humboldt, and Trinity counties.”

10 places to visit in California in 2019

“Eureka is one of the best places on Earth to visit for a weekend of legal pot sampling, argues Matt Kurth, the founder of Humboldt Cannabis Tours. The town is the biggest city in the so-called Emerald Triangle, the largest cannabis-producing region in the country, a wooded expanse that covers Humboldt, Mendocino and Trinity counties.”

Humboldt County Reacts as Marijuana Prohibition Ends in California

“California’s 103-year-old prohibition on recreational marijuana appears to be at an end. Preliminary election results Tuesday night showed the marijuana legalization measure Proposition 64 passing with a comfortable 56 percent of the vote statewide…”

Creating Humboldt County’s Marijuana Tourism Market

“For Matt Kurth, the essentials of life have come through his love of the outdoors and organic gardening. And cannabis…“

McKinleyville Business Paves Way for Cannabis Tourism

Our amazing local community radio station covered developments in the Humboldt County cannabis tourism permitting process. Matt Kurth, the founder of Humboldt Cannabis Tours, speaks about the process of working with the county to develop a regional cannabis tourism industry.

9 States Voting to Legalize Some Form of Marijuana

Humboldt Cannabis Tours partnered with the national news producer MSNBC the day before the people of California voted overwhelmingly to allow and regulate recreational cannabis use. It includes drone footage of a state of the art greenhouse set, on a beautiful hillside in Humboldt County. It also features Humboldt Cannabis Tours founder, Matt Kurth, showing off an ounce of Humboldt’s most famous export, the best cannabis in the world.

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